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Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue (Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in southern Wisconsin. We are committed to providing a safe haven for homeless Parrots living in captivity. Which includes proper veterinary care, nutrition, socialization, physical and mental stimulation, clean spacious living areas, and educated adoption guidelines. Our mission is to give these beautiful and intelligent beings a life worth living. We work solely on private donations and adoption fees. Donations and contributions are always needed and welcome. We believe in QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL LIVING BEINGS. If a bird is in constant pain, or deeply distressed with no hope for a better future, we feel it is our duty to do whatever we can to change the situation for the better and stop the suffering. We will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that we accomplish this very important goal.


We don’t profit from placing birds and have no paid staff — everyone associated with Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue is a devoted volunteer. However, in order to maintain our programs and our high standard of avian care, we must require reasonable fees from adopters. Many birds will need our care indefinitely — some for the rest of their lives. Every dollar that Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue brings in is used to promote our mission and provide for birds in need. The adoption fee varies depending on species and is due in full at the time of adoption.

Parrots have become increasingly popular as pets in recent years, and too many of the people who are drawn to their beauty are unaware of the challenges of keeping an animal only a generation or two removed from the wild. Birds are messy, and some can be very loud. Unless purchased from a reputable breeder or bird shop that understands the importance of good health, socialization and proper handling after purchase, problems such as biting can pop up. Birds are also given up when a bird owner marries, or when children arrive, or sometimes because the owner can no longer handle the work involved in keeping such a high-maintenance pet. The long lives of parrots can also leave them vulnerable – with life spans measured in decades, some birds outlive their owners. For all these reasons and many more, too many parrots end up going from home to home before ending up in a place like Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue if they’re lucky or facing euthanasia if they’re not. Few community shelters and humane groups are equipped to handle birds, which makes parrot sanctuaries even more important.

We realize that those who invest in a bird have probably spent a lot of money to purchase the bird, adequate housing and accessories. The initial desire for some people is to get back a return on that investment. Before you place that advertisement, please consider this: your bird may end up being caught in a cycle of continuous instability, abuse or neglect—either physically or mentally. Birds require a great deal of time, patience and understanding. They are extremely intelligent beings, and without attention and social interaction, they can and often do develop psychological problems such as feather plucking and self-mutilation. Once these behaviors have started they cannot always be reversed.

If you have a bird you can no longer care for, please contact us.


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Heartland Farm Sanctuary (Madison, Wisconsin 53744)  founded in 2009, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless farm animals in Wisconsin, and building connections between animals and vulnerable youth. We created Heartland to provide a safe, peaceful environment where youth and farm animals could come together to heal, grow, and have fun.



Many children today face significant life challenges such as physical, emotional, or cognitive developmental delays, a history of delinquent behavior or other detrimental life choices, and an abusive or otherwise troubling home life. Research has shown that these children can benefit tremendously by taking part in animal-assisted therapeutic activities, such as those programs developed by Heartland using the farm animals we help.

Our mission is to provide care for farm animals in need, nurture people through the human-animal bond, and foster respect and kindness toward animals and each other.

Recognizing the growing and unmet need for farm animal shelters in the state, Heartland Farm Sanctuary strives to create partnerships with Wisconsin’s animal shelters, animal control agencies, farmers, schools, and other organizations to raise awareness of farm animals’ needs and improve their quality of life. These collaborations are the foundation of Heartland’s philosophy of how we can best help these vulnerable creatures.

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The Wisconsin Humane Society (Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208) is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness.

WHS has been saving the lives of animals in need for more than 130 years. Because of its long and illustrious history of serving the Milwaukee community, WHS is also known as the Milwaukee Humane Society. As the largest and most recognized shelter in the state of Wisconsin, WHS offers many specialized services.

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Peaceful Pets (Richfield, Wisconsin)  began with the single hope to provide the same level of cremation, burial, and memorial services for our treasured pets as we do for our human loved ones.  Created to help pet owners like you through a difficult time of loss, Peaceful Pets is here to make the bereavement process simpler.

Peaceful Pets is an independent, family owned and operated pet loss service, managed by Shimon Funeral Home. Its fourth-generation funeral directors know how to treat you and your adored pets, comforting you through the grieving process. Offering pet cremation services, pet burial services, and pet memorial services, Peaceful Pets’ compassionate staff will help you find the best way to honor and remember your beloved pet.

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Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue was started in December of 2008 by a group of Great Dane lovers who desire to help Great Danes in need. The rescue is made up of all volunteers who lovingly give of their time, efforts, and money to help Great Danes.

Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue serves the animal community by providing foster homes, medical treatment, and behavioral assessments to Great Danes in need of forever homes.

The rescue covers Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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Lake Country Veterinary Care (Hartland, Wisconsin, 53029) strives to provide excellent veterinary care while maintaining a soothing environment for clients and their pet family members.

The mission of Lake Country Veterinary Care is to provide the compassionate, sensible care for their patients that they would desire for their own pets, while treating clients with the attention they would expect for themselves.

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The mission of Dane County Friends of Ferals (Madison, Wisconsin 53713) is to establish a no-kill standard and to promote the value and well-being of Dane County’s feral cats.

To date, more than 2,100 feral cats have been rescued, housed, spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and adopted to caregivers. The group is made up of 60 dedicated volunteers, a 10-hour-per-week veterinarian, and 7 board members committed to creating a better future for feral cats. In 2008, the first shelter, Sly’s Place, was purchased.

Along with providing daily care and medical treatment for feral and semiferal cats, DCFoF provides other services within Dane County including:

  • Monthly same day in/out low-cost and no-cost spay and neuter surgery for feral cats and kittens throughout Dane County
  • Weekly adoption fairs at MadCat Pet Supplies every Saturday from 12- 3:30 pm
  • Assists the public with out-of-control cat population
  • Provides veterinary and emergency care to Dane County’s cats

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Saukville Veterinary Clinic (Saukville, Wisconsin 53080) is a small animal hospital that sees cats, dogs, and many types of exotic animals such as birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets, and hobby farm animals.

Saukville Veterinary Clinic currently has 3 full-time veterinarians. 5 exam rooms, a surgical suite, a full pharmacy, and a treatment area for dentals and x-rays.  The clinic also has a full-time staff of receptionists, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants, along with the doctors, that are always available to help you with any questions you might have.

If there is something that Saukville Veterinary Clinic can’t do at their facility, they will refer you to a different facility that is capable.

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Dane County Humane Society (Madison, Wisconsin 53718) helps people help animals.

The society has a number of animals available for adoption, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

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The mission of Small Paws® Rescue Inc., a charitable, Federal not-for-profit organization, is to rescue and supply non-aggressive Bichons, nationwide, with love, shelter, food, human companionship, and medical care, until permanent placement is secured into a pre-screened loving home, as the rescue’s resources allow.

Small Paws takes responsibility for each Bichon rescued and placed. should they ever need to return to Small Paws during their lifetime.

Small Paws Rescue Inc. is composed of approximately 6000 people in 26 countries, and over eight hundred volunteers across America. The volunteers are willing to foster, transport, or otherwise assist in this massive rescue effort. Small Paws is supported entirely by donations and fund raisers.

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