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The Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary (Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501) serves a region of desperate need. Northern New Mexico has a long history of neglect, ill-treatment and heedless overpopulation of animals. Many of the dogs and cats who come to us have been dumped in trash cans, dropped into roadside ditches or left at gas stations to fend for themselves.


We welcome visitors to the Sanctuary. We’re located in Glorieta, NM, a 20-minute drive from Santa Fe. Please call for an appointment; afternoons between noon and 5 pm are preferable.


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Pandemonium Aviaries (Los Altos, California 94024) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to saving birds from extinction. We began in 1996 as a bird rescue and are now one of the largest non-companion bird sanctuaries in the United States. We provide life long care for over 350 birds (34 species). Our birds live in spacious, well-designed and beautiful aviaries and are fed species appropriate diets.


Our Programs Include:

Life-long care for hundreds of rescued birds.

Conservation breeding of six endangered or at risk species.

Avian Recovery for Conservation (ARC), a USA-based conservation program.

Education about birds, their needs and how to protect them.

A multi-dimensional, collaborative approach to saving birds.

Modeling best practices in bird keeping, breeding, and conservation. Pandemonium is MAP (Model Aviary Program) certified.

Our Mission

Pandemonium Aviaries is dedicated to preventing the extinction of targeted avian species through conservation and education.


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From Rocky Ridge Refuge

Rocky Ridge Refuge (Midway, Arkansas 72651) is the result of a dream I’ve had since I was a small child; to share my life with animals, especially those needing special effort due to medical issues, or abuse and neglect.

Since settling in my present location, I’ve been working toward this animal “group home.” I now rescue and care for a variety of creatures, both exotic and the more common.


I have been involved with animals all my life, from wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, to many years working as a Veterinary Technician, dog trainer and volunteer in many animal causes. I have studied and applied alternative therapies for many of my ill or injured animals with positive results. I continue to study and learn all I can to help their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Another aspect of my life with animals is the “Pet Therapy” work I’ve done for 20 years. Whether visiting nursing homes or schools with some of the smaller animals, or having people out to my place, the gift of interacting with animals is something I love to share with others. I’ve seen some remarkable things occur over the years as a result of this healing experience.

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As the Los Angeles area’s premier wildlife medical care and rehabilitation facility, California Wildlife Center (Malibu, CA 90265) strives to ensure that each animal receives the highest level of rescue and medical care for release back to their wild, free-ranging state. Since 1998, CWC has experienced a steady increase in animal patients, caring for more than 32,000 wild animals, many whose injuries were caused by the impacts of their urbanized environments.


A long-term goal of the center is to promote protection of wild habitats and the environment through education, training and partnerships with the communities it serves. Many people have questions and misconceptions about how to help wildlife, which can create unintended consequences to the wildlife they admire. Some conflicts with wildlife occur when raccoons empty trash cans, deer raid gardens and birds nest in chimneys.

Coexistence begins with the understanding of how to share our communities with wild animals. In order to do this, we educate individuals about the animals in their environment and provide solutions to existing problems, such as helping a neighborhood discourage a prowling coyote.

When people learn about the hardships animals face each day, they are more willing to take a proactive approach toward protecting the natural environment and the habitats of our wild neighbors. At CWC, we educate communities, and in doing so, we are challenging homeowners, teachers, students and businesses to continue learning about our environment and enriching the lands in which we live and play.

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The mission of the SPCA Serving Erie County (Tonawanda, New Yori 14150) is to create a caring and kind community that encourages fair and humane treatment of all creatures. Its knowledgeable, caring, and open-minded team of staff and volunteers achieves that mission through proactive efforts to address the current status of animals in the community, education of adults and children, rescue and sheltering of animals in need, and placement of animals into appropriate homes.


Bella (Animal ID #16148555)

The SPCA cares for approximately 15,000 animals each year through programs that include adoptions; admissions; animal rescues; animal emergency transports; stray lost and found services; animal cruelty investigations and seizures; care for wildlife, reptiles, exotics, and farm animals; and much more.

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The Born Free Foundation was initiated in England in 1984 by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, the stars of the legendary film Born Free, along with their son Will. Having been deeply influenced by their time spent in Kenya, Bill and Virginia were inspired to act after the tragic and untimely death of Pole Pole, an elephant featured in the film An Elephant Called Slowly, who was sent to the London Zoo from the Government of Kenya after the making of the film.


In the subsequent two decades, Born Free has become an international force in wildlife conservation and animal protection, campaigning to save elephants, big cats, wolves, dolphins, bears, primates, and numerous other species. Born Free upholds a dynamic presence in international animal rescues, saving animals from miserable conditions, rehabilitating them, and either providing for their lifetime care in a sanctuary or, whenever possible, rehoming them to the wild.

A companion organization was established in the United States in 2002, Born Free USA, to carry on the work of the organization, involving the American public in our compassionate conservation campaigns. Born Free USA launched with a national office in Washington, DC.

Born Free is committed to spreading its brand of compassionate conservation across America and, indeed, across the globe. Our shared institutional mission is to alleviate animal suffering, protect threatened and endangered species in the wild, and encourage everyone to treat wildlife everywhere with respect and compassion.

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The Wisconsin Humane Society (Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208) is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness.

WHS has been saving the lives of animals in need for more than 130 years. Because of its long and illustrious history of serving the Milwaukee community, WHS is also known as the Milwaukee Humane Society. As the largest and most recognized shelter in the state of Wisconsin, WHS offers many specialized services.

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Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest (Cle Elum, Washington 98922) is currently home to seven chimpanzees released from biomedical research. This group, the Cle Elum Seven, arrived at the sanctuary on June 13, 2008.

In May of 2002, Keith LaChappelle read an article in Discover magazine about the lives of chimpanzees in biomedical research and the need for sanctuaries to care for them once they were released. Keith had always cared deeply about all life on this planet, and learning about the plight of these chimpanzees was a life-changing experience for him. He wondered if he could apply his professional skills of managing major construction projects to build a sanctuary home for chimpanzees. Keith carefully researched the feasibility of starting such a project. He spoke to many people and traveled to several sanctuaries – learning everything from policies and procedures to the gauge of steel used for caging. On one of these trips, he met Billy Jo, a chimpanzee who had finally found sanctuary after a lifetime of abuse in entertainment and research. Looking into Billy’s eyes transformed Keith’s desire to “do something” into the realization that he had found his calling. Keith has worked diligently not only to build the physical structures for the sanctuary, but also to build a sustainable non-profit that will carry the organization into the future. He now serves on the Board of Directors.

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The Wild Bird Fund (New York, New York 10024) is a non-profit organization helping to save wild birds and wildlife in NYC.

Rita McMahon and Karen Heidgerd are the key rehabilitators for New York City’s wild birds. Rita is a television consultant who lends her time to save local birds. Karen is the Practice Manager at Animal General. Both of these caregivers are licensed to rehabilitate wild birds by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. They have received a Federal Migratory Bird Permit License issued by the Department of the Interior. They have the full support of the veterinarians on staff as well as the full use of all medical facilities at Animal General. All of Animal General’s staff constitutes a network of dedicated people who volunteer emergency and rehab care for city birds and wildlife.

Animal General donates all costs for the medical services and depends on donations from loving rescuers to provide food and medicine for the birds while they recuperate. Caring members of the community provide additional foster care, donations, and chauffeuring services for patients to other rehab centers.

The rehabilitators at Animal General see wild bird cases by appointment only Monday through Saturday, from 1 pm to 3 pm. Please call them at 646-306-2862. They also encourage you to contact us if you have an interest in fostering wildlife in need.

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Wild4Ever (Norton, Ohio 44203) is an all-volunteer, non-profit wildlife conservation foundation dedicating service and funds to the protection of animals in need and to the preservation of wild animals and wild habitats locally as well as worldwide.

Wild4Ever is committed to preserving native environments to allow long-term wildlife survival. Without adequate amounts of protected habitat, all other conservation efforts will be in vain.

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