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The Southern Animal Referral Centre (Melbourne, Australia) is a veterinary referral centre offering referral and 24-hour pet emergency for your family members with four legs.

The Southern Animal Emergency Centre is part of the Southern Animal Referral Centre. The Emergency Centre offers independent 24-hour emergency and critical care vet services to dogs and cats across Melbourne’s southern region, as well as integrated emergency care within the Southern Animal Referral Centre.

The Centre is comprehensively equipped and staffed to handle a full range of veterinary medical and surgical emergencies. Pet owners can either be referred from their primary care veterinarian, or can contact the Centre directly should their normal veterinarian be closed.

The Southern Animal Emergency Centre works collaboratively with all departments to provide high quality support and backup for any patient at SARC.


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The doctors, board-certified specialists, and emergency and critical care doctors at VCA All-Care Animal Referral Center (Fountain Valley, California 92708) strive to provide the best care possible for every patient

You’ll find multiple specialties under one roof, from sophisticated surgery to cutting-edge cancer treatments.

Caring doctors work in partnership with your family veterinarian to provide advanced care and rehabilitation for your best friend. Thorough communication with you and your family veterinarian is one of the center’s core values.

Services include emergency and critical care; surgery; physical rehabilitation; internal medicine; diagnostic imaging; anesthesiology; pain management; neurology; specialty dentistry; cancer care; hyperbaric oxygen therapy; chiropractic care; and acupuncture.

VCA All-Care Animal Referral Center is an AAHA-accredited veterinary practice.

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Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center (Orchard Park, New York 14127) is a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care.

Orchard Park provides a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures through in-house testing and the use of in-house laboratory. Its staff also works closely with local practices when special diagnostic procedures are required. The facility includes a well-stocked pharmacy, in-hospital surgery suite, in-house x-ray capabilities, a closely supervised hospitalization area, and indoor kennels with outdoor walking areas. Services include acupuncture and physical therapy.

Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center strives to offer not only sound advice, but also optimal veterinary care, thus allowing you the enjoyment of your companion for a maximum number of years. Its job is not only to treat your pet when he or she isn’t feeling well, but also to help you learn how to keep your best friend happy and healthy.

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Cindy Horsfall started La Paw Spa (Sequim, Washington 98382) in 1996 and is nationally recognized as a pioneer of warm water therapy for dogs.

With over 14,000 hours in the water working with our canine friends, you will appreciate the vast experience that Cindy will bring to your session. Known for her gentle, compassionate presence and an innate, intuitive ability to communicate from the heart, Cindy is available weekly at pools throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Fully committed to sharing all that she has learned, Cindy offers enthusiastic support, insight and a wealth of personal experience to anyone wishing to learn more about this work in the water and about themselves. Cindy has established a Training Program for those interested in this work.

The mission of La Paw Spa is to assist canine and human companion alike in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing; to help unfold the blessings and gifts hidden in hardship, disabilities, and the aging process; and to be present and lovingly available to both during these times.

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Pampered Paw Swim Spaw (Enumclaw, Washington 98022) has a purpose-built warm water-assisted swimming program designed especially for the canine client.

Its focus is on the health, wellness, and special needs of your K9 companion. Pampered Paw offers private assisted swim sessions that provide new paws-abilities for your friend. While some clients have unique challenges, handicaps, or disabilities, or are recovering from surgery, Pampered Paw provides an environment that creates an invitation for the canine body to restore, re-pattern, and rebalance.

The Tellington TTouch Method, also known as TTouch, is often incorporated into canine swim sessions. TTouch is a gentle training method that influences behavior, performance and well-being. TTouch works to develop the dog’s ability to learn without fear or force. The TTouch Method is an invitation for improved body awareness, balance and focus as well as building confidence. This is a wonderful approach for nervous, shy or even aggressive first time swimmers.

Pampered Paw has the only TTouch practitioner in the world that incorporates TTouch into warm water swim sessions for the health and wellness of the canine client.

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Canine Peak Performance (Portland, Oregon) offers sports medicine and physical rehabilitation services for canine athletes and for any dog who needs its help.

Hydrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, electrotherapy, and weight control programs are some of the services Canine Peak Performance offers.

Canine Peak Performance is especially interested in the older dog with arthritis or other problems that affect their mobility.

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Is your horse sore, injured, just a little off on his leads and transitions, or suddenly exhibiting behavioral problems?

Have you noticed a gradual decline in performance? Are certain patterns or movements suddenly difficult for your horse? Does your horse have a recurring, hard to pinpoint lameness?

There is a good possibility that it is due to muscle soreness or musculoskeletal problems. Equine Rehab & Therapy (Joseph, Oregon 97846) uses a variety of bodywork tools and techniques at your facility to return movement, performance, and comfort to your horse, and confidence and peace of mind to you. Its philosophy is that the bottom line is results: your horse will noticeably better or Equine Rehab & Therapy hasn’t done its job.

A holistic approach seeks to restore a balance for the entire organism that tends to prevent the expression of disease. It views the entire patient, its physical, menta,l and emotional environment, as an intricate network of interconnected energies that contribute to the health of the being. In this approach, how a horse is kept, what it is fed, how it is trained, shod, and cared for all have a bearing on its state of health. While in many cases, particularly trauma or acute colic, modern veterinary techniques work wonders; there are other cases that do not respond as well to drugs and surgery.

For chronic musculoskeletal conditions or a diagnosis of nonspecific lameness, there are complementary therapies that could possibly give animals additional relief. Integrating traditional vet diagnosis with therapeutic farriery (horse shoeing), spinal mobilization, trigger point and sports massage, myofacial release, accupressure, and flower essences gives us a powerful tool to work on various levels of health for our animals. While in humans, determining symptom versus source for disharmony is difficult, with animals it’s even more difficult due to lack of a common verbal language. Fortunately, body movement and energy language is universal. Integrated bodywork is a technique that not only addresses the immediate needs of the horse but also the deeper issues in a unique way.

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Canine Underwater Treadmill (Dayton, Ohio 45459) has one of the only professional canine rehabilitation and fitness teams in the Midwest.

The body is a dynamic, moving entity that requires physical activity to maintain proper physical function. For over 30 years, horses and humans have achieved and maintained better health and well-being with the support of fitness and strength training on dry and underwater treadmills. Now, this technology is available to you – for your dog or cat.

The Canine Underwater Treadmill uses:

  • the ancient healing properties of water
  • plus water’s physical properties (bouyancy & resistance)
  • to support your best friend while you conduct a safe, proven exercise session with your pet in this revolutionary treadmill system.

Water-assisted exercise is designed specifically for dogs (and cats!) whose owners want to develop and maintain:

  • Stronger, flexible & fully developed muscles, tendons & joints
  • Increased endurance, strength, balance and coordination
  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Safe, comfortable exercise during inclimate weather
  • Emotional well-being
  • Cross-training & sports & competition enhancement
  • Improved & extended quality of life
  • Less stiffness & soreness
  • Weight control

Plus, it’s fun!

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Whether your best friend has had an injury, a surgical procedure, or been slowed down by disease or aging, canine rehabilitation can accelerate his or her road to recovery and well-being. Our Hearts Canine Rehab (Dayton, Ohio 45459), in association with Canine Underwater Treadmill, is the only comprehensive canine rehabilitation facility in Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana.

Rehabilitation is performed in a respectful, caring, fun, and non-threatening environment, using manual techniques and the latest in rehabilitation equipment, including balance boards, Cavaletti rails, agility cones, therapeutic balls, and an underwater treadmill.

Rehabilitation has been an accepted and recommended medical standard of care in human medicine for decades. Give your dogs the best chance at enjoying the activities they and you enjoy the most.

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Nestled on 60 beautiful wooded acres in Northwest Manchester, Sendaishi Pet Resort (Manchester, New Hampshire 03102) is just two miles from Exit 6 off I-293.

Its mission is to comfortably accommodate your pet in climate-controlled facilities. Cat condos at the Sendaishi Pet Resort are in a separate building from dogs.

A menu of activities is available for your dog, including swimming, nature walks, playschool, and the finest doggie daycare center in the Northeast.

Evening activities (with owners) include basic and advanced obedience, breed handling, and agility (seasonal) classes.

Sendaishi Pet Resort also offers grooming services and canine rehabilitation services, including:

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Ground treadmill
  • Range of motion
  • Stretching exercises
  • Heat & cold therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Theraball exercises
  • Balance board
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Cavaletti rails
  • Ultra-Sound
  • E-STIM
  • Walkabout Harnesses
  • Walkabellies
  • Lift-N-Aid

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