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Secondhand Mutts (Cleveland, Ohio 44113) carefully screens all applicants to insure our dogs are adopted into their forever homes. Individuals and families applying for our dogs are interviewed in person, and references are checked during the adoption process.


Secondhand Mutts is a cage-free and friendly dog adoption center.


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Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (Columbus, Ohio 43214) envisions a community where all pet rabbits live indoors as companions and have access to a proper diet, habitat, and regular veterinary care for the duration of their life.


Its mission is to establish and operate a Center for rescued abandoned pet rabbits, offer a robust adoption program, and provide educational resources and programming on the proper care of rabbits as indoor companions

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The Ohio Pug Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit all-volunteer organization operating a surrender, foster care, and placement program for all needy Pugs in Ohio – no matter their age, condition, or health – as funds and space allow.


Mizrahi, adopted in 2013 from the Ohio Pug Rescue

We hope that if you decide a Pug is for you, you will consider adopting a rescue dog.

They are wonderful animals who have run into circumstances beyond their control and now find themselves in need of a new home with people who are willing to make a commitment to them for the rest of their lives.


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TNR of Warren (Warren, Ohio 44484) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the feral cat overpopulation by sterilization, not euthanasia.  TNR of Warren is not a shelter, and doesn’t accept cats to adopt out. TNR of Warren is a trap, neuter, return organization only.

TNR of Warren has helped over 550 feral cats in Trumbull County since the summer of 2008. All of these cats have been tested for disease, vaccinated, sterilized, and returned to their managed colonies. Over time these colonies will disappear as kittens will no longer be born to repopulate the colony, and the existing cats will succumb to the natural order of life.

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West Side Cats (Youngstown, Ohio 44509) is a no-kill rescue dedicated to helping cats regardless of age or special need. Please consider adopting or donating. Every little bit helps.


How West Side Cats Got Started

West Side Cat ladies were disappointed at how many cats were being euthanized at local shelters and how often sick or special needs cats were not given a second chance. For a while, the West Side Cat ladies were housing 100 cats in their homes and doing their best to aoopt them out from there but fortunately, they found a great landlord who rented their old shelter on Mahoning Ave. As the media reported about West Side Cats and people saw their ads, West Side Cats started to grow to the point that they outgrew their old shelter.

West Side Cats does its best to help cats in need. You can often find West Side Cats at other local shelters, taking cats who would otherwise be euthanized because the shelter is overcrowded or the cat simply has a physical issue which makes them undesirable for other shelters. West Side Cats does not turn cats away due to age or physical handicap. Just like humans, every cat deserves a forever home. West Side Cats has taken cats who are missing eyes or limbs, cats who are blind and cats who have various seizure conditions. A physical handicap does not mean a cat is any less adoptable or any less lovable. In many cases, the cat seems to sense that you have given it a second chance and rewards you with years of joy and affection.

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Wild4Ever (Norton, Ohio 44203) is an all-volunteer, non-profit wildlife conservation foundation dedicating service and funds to the protection of animals in need and to the preservation of wild animals and wild habitats locally as well as worldwide.

Wild4Ever is committed to preserving native environments to allow long-term wildlife survival. Without adequate amounts of protected habitat, all other conservation efforts will be in vain.

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The members of Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association (Troy, Ohio 45373) provide Animal Assisted Therapy services to individuals in many facilities throughout the Greater Miami Valley area.

There are over 125 active pet therapy teams in the mvPTa. Teams are typically made up of a pet and their owner (dogs, rabbits, cats, and hand-held pets). However, mvPTa does have some escorts that do not have a pet of their own and are certified to work with another person’s pet. mvPTa volunteers visit in facilities throughout the Miami Valley area. Some of these facilities include Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton Children’s Hospital, Community Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, and numerous Nursing/Assisted Living facilities, libraries, and schools.

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Founded in 2009 by Perla Medina-Kinne and inspired by Maverick’s plight and health issues, the mission of Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary (New Richmond, Ohio 45157) is to provide solutions to the immediate needs of unwanted animals who have no place to go other than a kill-shelter to face euthanization, die alone in the streets, or die abandoned at the end of a chain.

Perla with ‘heart dog” Shaka

The goal of Angel’s Rest is to take animals out of situations where they would be facing imminent danger and provide them with a comfortable place to spend the remainder of their lives, no matter how long it maybe. Angel’s Rest takes in abused, neglected, sick, old, or otherwise unwanted animals and strives to provide everyone that enters its doors with the care they need and deserve to ensure that they live out the rest of their lives in peace, comfort, well fed, and loved.  While Angel’s Rest deals mostly with older residents that will reside in the sanctuary for the remaining of their days, it also performs rescues and has pets for adoption. Of the animals rescued, some will be entering the ELDER PAWS program as long as their temperament match with program requirements.

Angel’s Rest excels at providing critical care and physical/emotional rehabilitation for large and giant dog breeds, and is especially fond of the mastiff breeds. Angel’s Rest understands that in this bad economic times, the larger dogs are ending up in shelters in record numbers. It has a high success record of turning around, or controlling, life-threatening conditions so that the animal is once again healthy, comfortable, and/or pain free. Angel’s Rest takes pride in providing the animals that enter the sanctuary doors with a home environment that promotes happiness, healing, and a sense of belonging. Because Angel’s Rest currently operates out of the founder’s and volunteers’ residences, it is limited in the number of animals it can help.

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The Black & Orange Cat Foundation (Plain City, Ohio 43064) spays and neuters feral and stray cats in order to decrease the overpopulation problem and help cats who have no other angels looking out for them.

Using a method called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the Black & Orange Cat Foundation is able to trap feral or “wild” cats in humane traps baited with tuna or other yummy cat food. Once trapped, these cats get a ride (often their first time in a car-terrifying to say the least) to the vet’s office for vaccinations and sterilization. Feral cats are also “ear tipped.” A tiny portion of their left ear is removed in a universal symbol that tells everyone who might later come in contact with the cat that it has already been fixed.

Although the Black & Orange Cat Foundation mainly focuses upon stray and feral cats, it also helps low-income residents, who cannot afford the cost of sterilization and medical care, obtain care for their cats.

The Black & Orange Cat Foundation works primarily in Madison and Union Counties, as Plain City is divided between these two counties.  It does, however, often receive calls for help from many areas within the Central Ohio area. The Foundation helps anyone it can, as funding allows, because its main concern is decreasing the cat overpopulation problem to put an end to unwanted cats and kittens.

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The mission of Animal Outreach, Inc. (Westerville, Ohio 43086) is to help end pet overpopulation in central Ohio by encouraging responsible pet ownership; promoting spay/neuter programs; and uniting the efforts of rescue groups, animal control agencies, traditional shelters, veterinarians, and other concerned individuals.

Its programs focus on improving public education and awareness of animal issues in Ohio, and the operation of a spay/neuter assistance program.

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