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Camden County Animal Shelter (Blackwood, New Jersey 08012) fights to reduce the overwhelming stray/unwanted animal population in its county. CCAS is an open admissions shelter and takes in over 6,000 companion animals from 17 municipalities in Camden County every year. In 2004, the Animal Welfare Society of Camden County, which currently runs the Camden County Animal Shelter, took over the shelter’s activities. CCAS now does three major things: provide shelter for stray/unwanted animals, find those animals loving homes, and provide low-cost spay/neuter services.


Ruckus (Animal ID #33788693)

CCAS is an open admissions shelter. Its 40+ full and part-time staff work hard to find loving homes for each and every animal that enters the shelter’s doors. The 2011 Animal Intake and Disposition Survey shows that Camden County performs much better than its surrounding counties.

In addition to taking in animals, CCAS holds a multitude of events every year in order to help those looking to adopt to find the animal of their dreams, be it an adoption event or a full-blown gala. Lastly, CCAS provides Camden County with low-cost spay and neutering options. By providing the service at such a low cost, CCAS hopes to reduce the number of stray/unwanted animals in the county.


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Hudson County Animal League (Bayonne, New Jersey 07002), incorporated in 1994, is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We are approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Health as an adoption agency. As the League continues to establish its reputation locally, it has gained the recognition of state and national peers in the animal rescue/humane community.


HCAL is working with the City of Bayonne to establish a humane, compassionate animal haven in that municipality. The City will be leasing HCAL a piece of property on East 5th Street, and once the environmental/legal issues have been resolved, HCAL will construct a pre-fabricated facility on the site. While we have been fundraising for this project for the past several years, when the lease agreement is signed with the City, the League will begin a major shelter capital campaign.

Our longer-term goal is for a community-friendly shelter which would provide a number of programs, such as obedience training, educational outreach, school trips to visit our puppy and kitten rooms, encouraging seniors to walk a dog or rock a kitty, and a boarding kennel.

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Friends With Four Paws (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73156) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization formed to rescue animals at the Chickasha Animal Shelter in Oklahoma from imminent death by having mobile adoption locations and providing foster care for dogs and cats. Founded in 1998, we have matched several dogs and cats with their perfect, forever homes, where they otherwise would have been sent to the Rainbow Bridge.


Our program has drastically changed throughout time, as many do. We get our animals from local municipal shelters and from the general public. Once they are in our program, they go to a foster for several weeks, get all of their veterinary work done, and are listed for adoption.

Our transport program allows us to move dogs through our system fairly quickly, which means we are able to save many lives. Our adoptive homes are all over the United States including: Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and even Maine! We LOVE our adopters, fosters and volunteers and would not be able to make the difference we make without them.

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The mission of Ace of Spays (Hainesport, New Jersey 08036) is to help pet lovers by optimizing spay/neuter care.


For over a decade, Dr. Cobb worked exclusively for shelter spay/neuter clinics. Though gratifying, suggestions to optimize care were often rejected. High-volume clinics exist to end pet overpopulation. Affordability is essential. Clients looking for optimal care had the option of private practice but Dr. Cobb envisioned something even better.

At Ace of Spays, Dr. Cobb’s experience creates affordability but optimal care is the practice focus.  The practice’s unique mission is a game-changer.  Look at a Side-By-Side Comparison to see the differences between high-volume clinics, Ace of Spays clinics, Ace of Spays’ private service and other practice’s private service.

Owner/caretakers, rescues, trappers and breeders know that regardless of “ownership,” Ace of Spays treats every pet on an individual basis, putting optimal comfort and safety above affordability. Newly hired staff members routinely comment that even in the clinic setting, care is equal to or better than they have seen in private appointments at full-service veterinary practices.

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Founded in 1980, People for Animals (Hillside, New Jersey 07205; Robbinsville, New Jersey 08691) is an independent nonprofit animal welfare organization not affiliated with any other Humane Society or any national or local animal welfare groups. They were chosen by the State of New Jersey to participate in a pilot program to reduce animal overpopulation, and in 1985, opened the first Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic of its kind in this state.



People for Animals relies entirely upon private donations, grants, bequests and fund raising events to care for more than 22,000 animals the organization provides services for each year.

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Sammy’s Hope is an animal welfare organization dedicated to providing programs and services that help prevent homelessness in the pet population, improve the lives of homeless animals, and find them forever homes. We work with animal shelters in the Central New Jersey area.


Our volunteers socialize shelter cats, walk and socialize shelter dogs, facilitate adoptions, photograph market and promote adoptable pets, and help raise funds for much-needed medical care.

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The goal of Shar-Pei Rescue of VA (Barnegat Light, New Jersey 08006) is to help rehabilitate and re-home shelter Shar-Pei, Shar-Pei in situations of cruelty and neglect, or simply families that can no longer care for their Chinese Shar-Pei.

The group is comprised of volunteers that are dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for Shar-Pei in need.

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The goal of Shar-Pei Rescue of VA (Barnegat Light, New Jersey 08006) is to help rehabilitate and re-home shelter Shar-Pei, Shar-Pei in situations of cruelty and neglect, or simply families that can no longer care for their Chinese Shar-Pei.


The rescue is comprised of volunteers that are dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for Shar-Pei in need.

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Cumberland County SPCA & Animal Shelter (Vineland, New Jersey 08360) was founded in 1891 and incorporated in June 1947, and is a non-profit organization and a chapter of the NJ State SPCA. The staff and board of trustees are deeply involved and committed to all aspects of animal care and welfare. The money to finance the shelter comes from fees charged to municipalities to house their stray animals, fees charged to adopt, reclaim or release an animal, dues, donations, grants, fund-raisers, and bequests from caring individuals.

June Bug

In its function as a humane society, the shelter serves as a refuge for thousands of stray, unwanted, abused, abandoned, and sick animals. The CCSPCA is the only law enforcement agency authorized solely for the protection of animals. Each year its cruelty agents  investigate nearly 1,000 reports of animal abuse and neglect. Many times it can stop abuse through education, however, other cases require prosecuting the guilty parties.

Each year CCSPCA humane education programs. offered free to schools and community groups, reach thousands, teaching basic pet care, safety, and the understanding that all living creatures deserve our respect.

Each year CCSPCA’s clinic provides the general public and thousands of animals access to low-cost spay and neuter services. In addition to sheltering and protecting animals, the shelter also acts as a clearinghouse for the thousands of phone calls requesting information on animal-related issues and problems.

CCSPCA’s new state-of-the-art facility allows it to hold more animals longer, treat sick animals, and offer the community access to low-cost spay/neuter services.

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Northeast Coonhound Rescue (Lexington, Massachusetts 02421) provides rescue, rehoming, and Coonhound support in New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island), New York, and New Jersey.

Coonhounds are abandoned in shelters because in many parts of the country they have very little value as pets. They are often kept outside in pens and sometimes do not even have names. They are often surrendered after hunting season is over, or if as young dogs they do not prove themselves to be good trackers. They can also become stray after wandering off, as well as falling victim to changes in the owners health, finances, or living situation – like all shelter dogs. Because they are so ‘common’ in the South and relatively unknown in the North, Coonhounds often never make it out of shelters and are passed over by other dog rescue groups.

The mission of Northeast Coonhound Rescue is to educate people about the suitability of coonhounds as pets.  The rescue provides referrals to Coonhounds available through shelters and other rescues in New England. It has a small number of Coonhounds in foster care in New England, which may be seen by appointment.

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