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Lanai Animal Rescue Center (Lanai City, Hawaii 96763) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community service organization founded in 2008.


Its mission is to assist animals on the Hawaiian island of Lanai  by providing sustenance, foster homes, shelter, adoptions,  veterinary care, spay/neuter services, and humane education.


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The Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Kapolei, Hawaii 96707) is still in the infancy of our development. It rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes more than 100 animals each month, and is still caring for the animals from its second record rescue.

The need continues to grow with the growing population of homeless and transient families. The Oahu SPCA is in need of your support and tax-deductible donations now more than ever as it enters into its second year of saving lives. With your help, the Oahu SPCA can make a significant improvement in the lives of the homeless population of humans and animals on O’ahu.

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The Hawaiian Humane Society (Honolulu, Hawaii 96826) teaches and promotes humane treatment for every living creature in the belief that all life has an intrinsic value and that each contributes to the quality of life. The Humane Society believes that compassionate and responsible care toward animals develops compassionate and caring humans, and that condoning violence toward animals desensitizes people toward all living creatures – both animals and people.

Animals As Companions

The Society believes that companion animals fare best when people make a well-considered decision to accept the responsibilities of ownership and a commitment to provide them with proper life-long care and quality of life.  Animal companions should be provided an environment where they are part of a family.

The Society opposes giving animals as prizes, in raffles or contests, or sales of animals in an environment which encourages an impulse decision, in the belief that the animals are likely to go to homes ill-prepared to accept or support them. It supports efforts to help owners learn proper care, training, and respect for their animals.

Pet owners should respect and adhere to all animal-related laws, make sure their animal’s emotional and physical needs are met, and that their behavior makes them a welcome member, rather than a nuisance in our neighborhood and community. The Society encourages and recommends that cat owners confine their cats to the home or a suitably sized cattery for the animals’ safety.  Dogs should not be chained 24 hours a day; intermittent chaining for limited periods is acceptable if more humane enclosure alternatives are not available.

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At the Westie Rescue USA web site you can learn more about West Highland White Terriers, find your local Westie rescue contact, volunteer to help Westies, or report a Westie in need.

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Wheatens In Need is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned, abused, unwanted, or otherwise homeless Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. Each dog is carefully evaluated for temperament and personality for a minimum of two weeks, before being placed into a carefully screened home.

A large network of volunteer Wheaten Terrier lovers provides foster homes and transportation throughout the U.S. and Canada. Wheatens In Need has rehomed more than 500 Wheatens since 1998.

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Formed in 1993, the Hawaii Cat Foundation (Honolulu, Hawaii) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Hawaii’s cats, including the humane reduction of the feral/stray cat population through an effective, non-lethal management program.

HCF’s management program utilizes a multifaceted approach, with focus on three main components:

  • TNRM (Trap Neuter Return Manage): Is an effective non-lethal alternative to euthanasia as the means of population control.
  • Education: Promotes responsible pet ownership, with particular emphasis on the importance of neutering pet cats as well as stray cats in the community.
  • Adoption/Sanctuary: Sociable stray cats are adopted to responsible homes whenever possible.

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The mission of the Hawaii Dog Foundation (Honolulu, Hawaii 96820) is to ensure that every dog in Hawaii, regardless of age, breed, temperament, or treatable medical condition, has the opportunity to live out its natural life in safety, health, and contentment.

At Hawaii Dog Foundation, euthanasia is never an option with a healthy dog.

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United Yorkie Rescue is a national Yorkshire Terrier and Yorkie mix rescue organization. The rescue is 501(c)(3) approved, and listed on GuideStar.

United Yorkie Rescue has pledged to rescue all Yorkies and Yorkie mixes in need, regardless of size, age, or health condition. In addition, the rescue is devoted to providing love, nourishment, rehabilitation, socialization, and “pawesome” forever homes.

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Samoyed Rescue Alliance is an affiliation of local Samoyed rescue organizations from across the U.S.

The web site offers information on Samoyeds, adopting a Sam, available dogs, local rescue contacts, training and behavior, how to help rescue, responsible breeding, and more.

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ESRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on English Springer Spaniels.

Its mission is to provide foster care and adoption referral services for Springers to humane societies, private shelters, and animal control facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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