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The Milo Foundation (Point Richmond, California 94801) was named after an Australian Shepherd. Milo was five weeks old when Lynne Tingle discovered that her puppy was both deaf and blind. Despite concerns from friends and family, Lynne was determined to give Milo a good life.



It was a learning process for both Milo and Lynne, his “seeing eye person.” Lynne developed a series of taps to communicate with Milo. A tap on the left or right flank would instruct Milo which direction to go. And a tap on the rear meant ‘stop.’ In the park, Milo’s feet read the ground like Braille, where he bounded around in circles with his nose in the air, barking with joy.

Given a chance to live, Milo became a happy, beloved dog. The experience with Milo led Lynne to learn about other animals who needed a chance – abandoned and stray dogs and cats who fill city shelters – which led to the founding of the sanctuary in August of 1994: The Milo Foundation.

After a full and happy life, Milo passed away in August of 1998. He was the perfect spirit and namesake for a sanctuary dedicated to saving the lives of creatures who deserved, like Milo, a chance at a good life.

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New Leash on Life Rescue Foundation (Newhall, California 91321) was established in 1997 as a 501 c3 nonprofit with a mission to rescue homeless dogs from Los Angeles City and County shelters, rehabilitate them medically or behaviorally and re-home them with forever families. New Leash On Life has a rich history in the community and the rescue and animal welfare industry such as spay and neuter for thousands of pets, rescue and re-home of over 5,000 dogs and providing programs and events to educate and train adults and children of the community on responsible pet ownership. Since 2002 we’ve operated on a beautiful 13-acre property with focus on our mission to save dogs and help people and actively support and contribute to the greater solution.


Since 2005 our Lend A Paw program has trained volunteer handler & therapy dog teams to visit facilities and provide Canine Assisted Therapy for individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or life challenges in care facilities, schools for children with special needs, child custody court, abused women’s shelters, missions and veteran groups. The teams also participate in our own P.E.T.S. program which hosts field trips from schools to our facility for children to interact and participate in Canine Assisted Reading Enhancement for improved reading skills.

Our support efforts also extend to Search & Rescue disaster relief missions throughout the nation including Hurricanes Gustov, Katrina, Rita and the wildfires of Southern California.

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A.R.T N Paws Animal Rescue (Murrieta, California 92563) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill dog rescue organization.

We rescue stray dogs from the streets, and from situations of abuse and neglect. Additionally, we rescue many of our dogs from “death row” at kill shelters in CA. 

All rescued animals are examined by a veterinarian and given vaccinations.


The dogs are then spayed or neutered, treated for any health problems, and rehabilitated as necessary. Our main goal is to find permanent, loving homes for all the dogs that we rescue.

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve saved over 350 lives, placing them in loving, permanent homes. We work tirelessly with shelters to rescue animals at risk of euthanasia.

We take a multifaceted approach to finding permanent, stable and loving homes for our rescued friends; they are fostered in a home environment, evaluated for temperament, and many receive basic training to make them better companions for the people who will ultimately take them home.

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The Golden State German Shepherd Rescue (Alameda, California 94501) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. We are a small group of volunteers and have no paid staff, facility, office or kennel. Our volunteers are located mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Our mission is to help German Shepherd Dogs in life-threatening situations, and to educate the public about this highly intelligent and versatile breed. Most of the German Shepherd Dogs we rescue come from the Northern and Central Valley regions of California .

Rescue is not simply taking animals out of shelters; it is also providing that animal with the opportunity through health care, behavioral and emotional assistance, to live out its life in a caring and loving home. Our goal is to find loving new homes for German Shepherd Dogs who are in need of a second chance; most of them have come from animal shelters in Northern California, where they have run out of time.

While we welcome the challenges that rescue work provides, it is not work we can do alone. We need help in the form of people and financial resources. Please consider joining us as a volunteer, a donor, or in any other manner in which you feel you can help. Your participation will be greatly appreciated by us, but – more importantly – by the dogs waiting for our help.

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Palo Alto Humane Society (Palo Alto, California 94306) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable, volunteer-supported organization.


PAHS is one of the few humane societies nationwide with no animal shelter. Instead of managing animals inside a shelter, we work to keep animals out of the shelter through humane programs in intervention, advocacy, and education. For a century, our mission has been to alleviate the suffering of animals, increase public sensitivity to animal issues, and elevate the status of animals in our society.

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The mission of Fresno Bully Rescue (Fresno, California 93723) is to provide a healthy and loving temporary home while we look for forever homes for our bullies.


Dakota (Animal ID 19126523)

In addition, FBR is committed to promoting responsible ownership of bully breeds, fighting against breed discrimination, spaying and neutering pets, reporting dog fighting, and demonstrating to the community that bully breeds are loyal, loving, and wonderful forever companions.

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North Bay Canine Rescue and Placement (Petaluma, CA 94955) focuses on rescuing purebred and mixed breed:

  • Australian Cattle Dogs (aka Queensland, Red, or Blue Heelers)
  • Australian Shepherds
  • Border Collies
  • Australian Kelpies
  • McNab Shepherds


Our rescued animals are immediately placed in foster homes, not kennels. Foster homes are the most crucial yet challenging aspect of our rescue operation. Foster homes are what enable us to rescue. This means we are always in need of caring foster homes to provide the safe, stable and nurturing environment for a dog whose life has been turned upside down, until we can find that FOREVER home for them through our carefully screened adoption process.

What is unique about NBCRP, and why one would choose to adopt, volunteer or contribute to us, is that we choose to rescue without discrimination as to age or health. More important is that we stand behind every dog that comes to us–in quality of care, ensuring a compatible adoption match by meeting all members of a new adoptive family, along with a personal home visit, and offering ongoing support to them during and after the adoption and transition period. More important and crucial to each of our adopted dogs, is that NBCRP always assures being here for any NBCRP dog, which may need to be rehomed. We are here to help the adoptive family who has a life changing event where they cannot continue to provide the love and care each of our animals deserves. We do not want to expose any animal to another traumatic or perhaps life ending experience with an unknown animal shelter, humane society or other rescue or a well-intentioned ad in a public venue. When we cannot help a family who needs to rehome one of our dogs, as a last resort NBCRP will take any steps necessary to assure their well-being and the opportunity of another home fitting their current physical, emotional and more age specific needs to help reduce the stress during another time of transition.


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13th Street Cat Rescue (San Jose, California) is a small but determined group of volunteers, lead by Joanne, serving the Northside area of San Jose since 2005 (officially).


Corky (Animal ID 7613313)

We are dedicated to improving the lives of feral and social cats and in controlling the population by the use of TNR. Trap-Neuter-Return is an effective, internationally recognized program by which cats are trapped, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and returned to their original location to be cared for. Kittens and cats that can be socialized are taken into foster care and are then put up for adoption.

We are not based at a shelter or in one location on 13th Street. All of our animals are housed in foster homes. You can find us at different petfairs during the month or at various neighborhood functions.

You can help our organization and the neighborhood by volunteering to trap cats and transporting them to the vet for vaccinations and neutering, fundraising, fostering cats temporarily in your home or even just donating to the cause.

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The Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California (Newport Beach, California 92707) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to finding new and loving homes for abandoned or homeless Dalmatians. Dal Rescue was formed to help rescue Dalmatians and Dalmatian mixes from the many high-kill shelters in the Southern California area, and serves the communities of Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles counties.


Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California, Inc. is dedicated to saving as many of the spotty dogs as it can. Dalmatian Rescue is committed to finding loving forever homes, a second chance, for all of the dogs we rescue, and with the help of Dal Rescue volunteers, provides a safe, warm and loving environment for each of the rescued dogs as they await their new homes. Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California, Inc. is an all-volunteer, no-kill, non-profit organization.

In addition to rescuing adoptable Dalmatians from the local shelters, our goal and mission is to educate the public about Dalmatians, their personality, activity level, lifespan and health and fitness issues, as well as what it means to be a responsible dog owner. We advocate spaying and neutering, consistent training, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise for the Dalmatian, as well as for all breeds of dog, and provide education on those topics. We do our best to match each family with the Dalmatian or Dalmatian mix that will best suit the family environment, activity level and participants. 

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The mission of the Chico Cat Coalition (Chico, California 95927) is to rescue the abandoned domestic cats within the greater Chico urban area.



In conjunction with this mission, the Chico Cat Coalition provides the rescued cats with veterinary care and spay or neuter surgeries, and fosters them until they are adopted into permanent homes.

The Chico Cat Coalition also seeks to increase public awareness about responsible cat care, the necessity of spaying and neutering, and the consequences of cat abandonment.

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