In 2001, through the generosity of a very special person, The Horse Protection Association of Florida moved to a farm in Marion County, Florida’s Horse Capital. The Horse Protection Association of Florida has a long-term lease on 150 acres of high quality grazing land. The farm has a small covered arena, a storage building, a four stall barn and a pole barn.


HPAF is located in beautiful Northwest Marion County, near the historic towns of Micanopy and McIntosh. 150 acres of lush grass provides excellent nutrition and a peaceful environment for the horses.

At Central Florida Animal Rescue, we are trying to make a positive change one animal at a time! Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find permanent loving homes for the stray, abandoned, and unwanted domestic animals of the Central Florida area. However, we cannot do this with your help. We have an urgent need for foster homes. The number of animals we have in foster homes directly corresponds with the number of animals we are able to rescue.


Olive (successful adoption)

Did you know that as a Foster Parent you do not incur any financial responsibility for the animal? Central Florida Animal Rescue, Inc provides all food, vaccinations, medications and vet visits for the animal. Your responsibilities are to provide a loving, temporary home for the animal, help the animal adjust to life with a family, and helping them with basic socialization skills. Also, you are responsible for taking the animal to scheduled vet visits (but not the bill!) and introducing the animal to potential, approved adopting families.

The mission of the Chico Cat Coalition (Chico, California 95927) is to rescue the abandoned domestic cats within the greater Chico urban area.



In conjunction with this mission, the Chico Cat Coalition provides the rescued cats with veterinary care and spay or neuter surgeries, and fosters them until they are adopted into permanent homes.

The Chico Cat Coalition also seeks to increase public awareness about responsible cat care, the necessity of spaying and neutering, and the consequences of cat abandonment.

The Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County (Redwood Valley, California 95470) is a non-profit shelter run by a team of dedicated employees and volunteers.



They have nearly 10 acres of wooded, cozy country property, which makes it even more enjoyable for both our volunteers and the animals.

The Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) (Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70879) is a non-profit organization committed to the well-being of animals in the Baton Rouge community by providing, facilitating, and promoting spay/neuter, adopting or facilitating the adoption of homeless animals, teaching the community responsible companion animal ownership and the humane treatment of animals, and at all times promoting the practice of spay/neuter. CAAWS is not part of any animal control branch of the government including CAA and EBRAC. Our ultimate goal is to have Baton Rouge be a model in the South where all adoptable animals find loving homes.


We do not receive any government assistance and subsist solely from adoption fees, private donations and memberships. We have no paid staff so all money donated to CAAWS goes directly to the care of our animals, shelter expenses, pet food, pet supplies, or to our community outreach programs. Please support CAAWS so that we may continue our mission to help animals in our community through our public assistance programs.

Alley Cat Rescue

Alley Cat Rescue (Mount Rainier, Maryland) is committed to helping stray and outdoor community cats in the United States and around the world, by promoting humane nonlethal care to improve cats’ lives. ACR works to reduce the number of feral cats living in colonies through a proven method called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).


Alley Cat Rescue is leading in the way in promoting humane and compassionate care for ALL cats. It is important to remove feral cats from “pest” status that many put them in and promote an ethical, nonlethal way to deal with the population of outdoor community cats. Decades of catch-and-kill has not worked.

Noah’s Bark Dog Rescue (Manhattan Beach, California) is determined to do all that we can to fight against the great tragedy that is taking place on a daily basis in the animal shelters of the greater Los Angeles area. In these shelters alone, an average of 475 defenseless animals have their lives taken away from them, or as the shelters like to put it, they are “humanely euthanized,” every single day. As terrible as this is, we cannot put the blame solely on the shelters.  The fact of the matter is that we have a pet overpopulation problem, and there just are not enough people out there willing to give these animals a chance to be their best friend and the loving companion that these animals would love the opportunity to become.


Our goal is to help provide as many of these animals with the second chance on life that they deserve. Though we are a small organization, we save as many dogs and cats as we possibly can. Quite often, these animals are rescued within hours of their pending demise. Once they’re in our care, we provide these lucky few with the medical care that they may need, and we place them with loving foster families. The foster family cares for their new friend while we carefully search for a loving and responsible owner. While in our care, the animal will be spayed or neutered, because we strongly feel that this is the only true solution to the pet overpopulation problem.

The mission of Missaukee Humane Society (Lake City, Michigan 49651) is to benefit animals by providing education, guidance and shelter as needed in order to support a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for animals. Our commitment is to serve as a partner in creating and sustaining this environment for animals both in the shelter as well as in the community.


Our goal is that each animal lives in a healthy and safe home that is most capable of meeting that animal’s needs. We will provide shelter for each animal in our care until such a home is found. We will provide ongoing support as needed throughout their lifetime.

We assist the adoptive owner in preparing for the joy and responsibility of adopting an animal by providing education and guidance on successfully meeting the challenges that are a natural part of the adoption process as they arise throughout the animal’s life.

Feline Friendz in Nebraska (Omaha, Nebraska 68164) was founded in 2002 and is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer rescue organization.


We are a true no-kill rescue operation. This means the only reason a cat would be put down is in the case of a serious/non curable medical condition. All cats in the care of FFiNE will receive full veterinary care, including spay/neuter, all vaccinations and testing for feline leukemia and FIV infection. As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on private donations and volunteers to keep our mission on track. FFiNE is the only rescue group in the Omaha area dedicated solely to felines and TNR.

The Purr-fect Cat Shelter (Medway, Massachusetts 02053) is a non-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer organization. It was established to provide temporary shelter and care for cats, with the ultimate goal of finding permanent homes for each cat.


Cats accepted into the shelter stay as long as it is necessary. No cat will be destroyed because it has run out of time to find a home.


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