The mission of Rabbit Advocates (Portland, Oregon ) is to promote the welfare of domestic rabbits.


We aim to place surrendered or abandoned rabbits in loving homes where they will be welcomed as family members. Formerly a part of the Oregon Humane Society, in 2002 we created a group solely devoted to promoting the welfare of domestic rabbits. The Rabbit Advocates operate an education and adoption website as well as a help line. We hold rabbit adoption outreach events and other activities at locations around the Portland Metro Area and hold monthly meetings at Humane Society for Southwest Washington, 1100 NE 192nd Ave., Vancouver, WA.

Dumpster Cats (Kirkwood, Delaware 19708-0219) is an all-volunteer group dedicated to helping homeless kittens and cats. Collectively, we have helped rescue and find homes for over 1,200 kittens and cats and have spayed and neutered over 1,500 cats.


Our mission is to save the lives of cats and kittens by preventing more from being born.  The more kittens that are prevented, the more will live. This is the new millennium. This is the United States. These are civil times we are living in. And yet, every day, shelters are forced to put down young animals simply because there is not enough space, not enough homes and hearts to take them in. Every night, there are homeless animals out on the street. Cold, hungry, and alone, these cats and dogs have done nothing to deserve the conditions which they must endure. These are animals who were neglected, disregarded, tossed out onto the roadside… some were even born into this life… all because no one cared enough to give them a home, to control the pet population, to do SOMETHING to help. Well now, YOU can do something to help! You can become a member, make a donation… or adopt.

Fairy Dogparents (Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps prevent dogs from being surrendered to shelters.



We provide assistance with food, medical and general wellness needs of qualified dog recipients in Massachusetts.

Fairy DogParents is 100% dependent on donations and we cannot guarantee any goods or services for applicants.

All payments go directly to those providing good and services.

If you are faced with the choice of surrendering your dog because of personal financial circumstances you may qualify for our assistance.

Founded in 1990 by Randi Fairbrother, and incorporated as a nonprofit in 1991, Catalyst for Cats, Inc. (Santa Barbara, California) is dedicated to helping stray and feral cats. The organization’s primary goal is to prevent the suffering of cats, and its main strategy is the reduction and control of feral cat populations within Santa Barbara County through its TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and feeding programs.


You can become a catalyst for change in the lives of feral cats by helping in the following ways:

  1. Spay or neuter your household pet and encourage others to do the same. Our feral cat epidemic is largely the result of unaltered, lost or abandoned cats. We can refer you to low-cost spay/neuter programs.
  2. Report local breeding cat colonies to us and spread the word about our work.
  3. Adopt a rescued cat or kitten.
  4. Become a volunteer. We need fosters to bottle feed and tame kittens, food care persons, neighborhood caretakers, trappers, transporters, and helpers for fundraising.
  5. Make a tax-deductible donation to Catalyst for Cats, Inc. All contributions go directly towards preventing cruelty to animals by addressing the feline over-population problem.

CARMAA (McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania 15136) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that works to reduce the number of homeless animals by supporting adoption and spay/neuter programs, and hosting events for educating both the shelter community and the public on animal welfare issues.


CARMAA’s goal is to serve as an umbrella organization supporting a collective community of compassionate people, advocating every day for homeless animals. Focusing on finding unique ways for shelters and rescue organizations to support each other, CARMAA celebrates a unified cause in the animal community — finding homeless pets their forever homes. CARMAA believes everyone can take part in making a difference, and that people are willing to do the right thing, once they know what it is. Be a part of the solution.

Make a difference. Make a choice. Adopt.

Biggies Bullies (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15216) is a foster home-based rescue founded in 2011. Our mission is to rescue and re-home Pit Bull type dogs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Educating the public on responsible pet ownership, positive force free training, and the importance of spaying and neutering their pets is also a huge part of our mission to help save these wonderful dogs.


With love, care, and humane training, we ensure proper placement by making appropriate matches to the right families and remain a lifelong resource for those families.

Founded in 1963, the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County (Port Charlotte, Florida 33980) is a non-profit organization that provides temporary home, medical services, and caring attention for countless dogs, cats, and other animals. The shelter exists solely due to the generous contributions of citizens, businesses, and the community.


We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the alleviation of pain and suffering of animals.

Our animal shelter provides safe refuge, nourishment, and love to hundreds of homeless animals each month.

The shelter accepts all animals brought in by Charlotte County residents and Animal Control. Approximately 5,000 animals are received each year

All Border Collie Rescue (The Woodlands, Texas 77393) is a non-profit volunteer rescue organization dedicated to the rescue of Border Collies. This passionate group of Border Collie lovers has had the good fortune of meeting and befriending each other through past rescue work.  Some of our volunteers are new to working with Border Collies, while some possess over a decade of experience with Border Collies. We work extensively with many other Border Collie and all breed rescues.



All Border Collie Rescue started in November of 2008. The founder saw a need for additional funding and foster homes for rescued Border Collies and responded by obtaining non-profit status, and thus beginning ABC Rescue. In ABC’s first year, twenty five Border Collies were rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed.  In ABC’s second year, 115 Border Collies were accepted into the program, most of whom found their forever homes. In our third year (2011), ABC rescued 220 Border Collies and found homes for over 170. In 2012 we rescued over 330 Border Collies. In November of 2014 we adopted out our 1000th dog.

Our goal is to rescue, in some cases rehab, and successfully match our Border Collies to forever homes with well-matched temperament and abilities. Many of our foster homes have other dogs, cats, children and varying levels of obedience training. As a result, we make every effort to evaluate our Border Collies for compatibility in order to match the dog with the family. We believe that Border Collies with sound temperament should be given every opportunity to lead happy, healthy and fruitful lives. We also believe that rescued Border Collies are far more dependable, well adapted, wiser dogs because of their “tougher road in life” and as a result, they know they have been “saved” and have a strong desire to bond with their new families.

All Border Collie Rescue members know that it’s ALWAYS all about the dogs.

Denver Pet Urgent Care is an after-hours veterinary practice providing General, Urgent and Emergency care for companion animals. Our mission is to provide the total pet health care environment with superior customer service, ensuring that the needs of the pet, the client and any referring veterinarians are met.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a nursing staff that is highly technically skilled in all aspects of veterinary medicine.  Our entire staff is dedicated to providing a “home away from home” environment for our admitted patients. We are committed to helping everyone who is affected by their pet’s illness.

Located in and hosted by Planned Pethood Plus, Inc Denver at 4170 Tennyson St, we serve clients from the communities of Arvada, Aurora, Lakewood, and Golden CO.

Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption (San Diego, California) specializes in rescuing and re-homing small furry exotics including, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, and rabbits.


Wee Companions has been helping animals in need since 1998, taking in 9000 animals as of December 2014. In the 2014 calendar year we took in a record setting 974 animals. Our funding comes from the generosity of supporters like you; we receive no government monies.


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