Denver Pet Urgent Care is an after-hours veterinary practice providing General, Urgent and Emergency care for companion animals. Our mission is to provide the total pet health care environment with superior customer service, ensuring that the needs of the pet, the client and any referring veterinarians are met.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a nursing staff that is highly technically skilled in all aspects of veterinary medicine.  Our entire staff is dedicated to providing a “home away from home” environment for our admitted patients. We are committed to helping everyone who is affected by their pet’s illness.

Located in and hosted by Planned Pethood Plus, Inc Denver at 4170 Tennyson St, we serve clients from the communities of Arvada, Aurora, Lakewood, and Golden CO.

Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption (San Diego, California) specializes in rescuing and re-homing small furry exotics including, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, and rabbits.


Wee Companions has been helping animals in need since 1998, taking in 9000 animals as of December 2014. In the 2014 calendar year we took in a record setting 974 animals. Our funding comes from the generosity of supporters like you; we receive no government monies.

Save One Soul

Save One Soul Animal Rescue League (Wakefield, Rhode Island 02880) is a small group of volunteers dedicated to helping at-risk animals as we work towards a no-kill nation.


SOSARL facilitates the rescue and placement of homeless dogs with loving forever homes. We advocate for homeless and at risk animals while providing comfort, rehabilitation and veterinary care to the animals in our program. SOSARL endeavors to promote and support life-saving initiatives that enable responsible pet guardianship while treating each animal and adopter as an individual.

Hands Paws & Hearts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue located in Los Angeles County, California. We rescue at-risk dogs of all breeds and ages, primarily from high-kill shelters or the community in Lancaster/Palmdale and surrounding areas.


We strive to provide our dogs with top-notch medical and emotional care through trusted veterinarians and foster homes, until they can be adopted into stable, love homes.

At Hands Paws & Hearts we recognize that rescue and adoption are important, but simply the first steps towards achieving the goal of ending pet overpopulation. With more than 30,000 stray cats and dogs living on the streets of Los Angeles and over 45,000 pets euthanized in LA city and County shelters each year, We focus much of our efforts on spay/neuter and transport programs that will lead us towards the day when no dog/cat is left behind.  We also rescue hundreds of pregnant and nursing families that enter shelters, a result of not spaying and neutering.

The mission of Forgotten Cats, Inc. (Greenville, Delaware 19807) is to reduce the unwanted cat population without killing and to stop the suffering of the thousands of kittens born to abandoned, homeless cats.


We do this by working with colony caretakers to trap, sterilize, vaccinate, and return every cat within a colony. We provide the necessary medical treatment for sick or injured feral cats, stray cats, and kittens. We are working to find homes for adoptable cats and kittens. We also provide education about spay neuter, and we are assisting other cat rescue groups with trap, neuter, and return programs.

Despite the existence of many animal welfare organizations, the plight of the homeless cat has been ignored by most. For decades, extermination has been the only method utilized to control the homeless cat population. Despite this cruel method of population control, the homeless cat population has not decreased, thus proving that trap and kill does not work.

Forgotten Cats was formed in 2003 (and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2004) to provide a humane and effective way to prevent the suffering of kittens born to abandoned and homeless cats by humanely controlling the homeless and feral cat population. Starting with no funding and very few volunteers, Forgotten Cats worked to trap, neuter and release (TNR) 20 cats a week. As the word spread about the success of the TNR program, it became clear that Forgotten Cats currently manages one of the largest trap, neuter and return programs nationally.

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals created the Helping Pets and People in Crisis program in response to the many requests we receive from people facing heartbreaking separation from their pets during times of crisis. The program attempts to provide assistance to individuals and families fleeing domestic violence; seniors requiring medical care outside of their home; and families facing eviction or other temporary setbacks.


By collaborating with traditional social services, we offer creative solutions and pet welfare services aimed at keeping pets with their families or reuniting them quickly once their situation is stabilized. If reunification is not possible, the pets are placed for adoption, sparing families already in crisis the further distress of relinquishing their beloved pet in a shelter.

Helping Pets and People in Crisis Toolkit

By assisting in more than 1,000 individual cases since the program’s launch in 2006, the Helping Pets and People in Crisis program has compiled important resources, information, and promising interventions that can help people, along with their pets, during the most challenging times in their lives. To make these resources easily accessible to social workers and human service organizations and to help them incorporate pet welfare into their work, we created the Helping Pets and People in Crisis Toolkit.

While this toolkit does not serve as an all-inclusive review of available options or resources when dealing with people and their pets in crisis, it is a suggested list of resources, research, assessment tools, and promising practice intervention techniques created as a reference guide for social service professionals. Much of this information is geared to those in New York City, but can be modified for different communities.

Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) large breed dog rescue whose primary concern is to give abandoned dogs who end up in shelters or are needing to be re-homed by a family due to divorce, loss of job, illness, etc. a chance to find a new loving family. We are here to assist.

When we take in a dog, he/she become part of our family where they are cared for and loved.

All of our dogs are in our home. All are well socialized.  We feel that is the best way to learn the most about a dog. We can see how he/she interacts with other dogs and people. We try to know just about everything we can about a dog… any quirks, likes, dislikes, favorite place to sleep, favorite toy, etc.

We make sure that each dog is fully vetted, vaccinated, heartworm tested, de-wormed, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. We have had dogs come in who tested positive for heartworm disease, have had cherry eye or entropian, severe allergies, etc. All have always been fully medically treated.

We are very patient and careful in matching up a family to a particular dog. Although the family might be wonderful, if we do not feel the dog would be the right fit, we will not place the dog. We take this very seriously as these dogs are one of our family and have been through enough and we want to make sure their next home is their forever home.

Cruelty-Free International is the global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics.

Cruelty Free International Logo

Established by the BUAV, one of the world’s longest standing and most respected animal protection organisations, Cruelty Free International is head-quartered in London from where an international network of organisations are mobilised in a coordinated campaign.

Animal testing for cosmetics still happens. Over 80% of the world still allows animals to be used in cruel and unnecessary cosmetics tests. People do not want animals to suffer and die for cosmetics and toiletries, and there are many safer and humane ways of testing products and ingredients.

Cruelty Free International works with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide to achieve effective long-lasting change for animals.

SAGE (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania 17019) is a recently started organization founded to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of the closest relative of the Greyhound, its cousin the Galgo Espanol.


With over 10 years experience in Galgo rescue the founder of SAGE decided to use her knowledge and contacts to set up SAGE after she moved from Europe to the US.

Our main goal is trying to educate people about the situation of the Spanish Galgo by giving seminars and through use of the internet. While we are open to work wiht other rescues in Spain, our closest connection at this moment is with Asociacion BaasGalgo. The Spanish organization is working in two areas, Castilla la Mancha and Andalucia. Both are known for their cruelty to the Galgo. We also support shelters through fundraising.

While we do not believe that bringing Galgos to the US is the answer to the problem in Spain, we rey to make an annual trip to one or more shelters in Spain and bring back a few dogs that need homes. We will not rule out any dog, including dogs that have specific medical needs, if that can be provided for them here in the US. Typically the dogs chosen for travel to the US are those that have been in the shelter for a longer period of time or stand the least chance of being adopted.

Sante D’Or

Sante D’Or Foundation (Los Angeles, California 90039), a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, is a volunteer-run animal adoption center and community focused rescue located in Los Angeles, California. Our animals come to us from our streets, are surrendered by residents experiencing extreme financial hardship, a crisis, or those who are no longer able to care for them. We are proud to be directly impacting our local shelters and community by accepting animals who would have otherwise been surrendered and likely euthanized due to overcrowding, or left to roam and reproduce on our city streets.



Many of our rescue animals arrive in a sub-optimal state, often affected by a combination of treatable illness, neglect, stress, anxiety, and sometimes abuse. We provide them with necessary medical treatment by a veterinarian and a healthy, natural diet coupled with loving care. Our unique approach to animal rescue and adoption places the focus on the whole health care of rescued animals, as well as the bigger picture of our neighborhoods and the planet at large.

Our adoption center is friendly, welcoming and open to the public. We use eco-friendly products, practice conservation, provide quality food free of by-products and use biodegradable litter. People often say when they visit us, “the animals all seem so healthy, calm and happy.” That’s because they are! Our team of caring volunteers works with the animals 7 days a week and unlike most shelters, they are free to roam and play all day. This nurturing approach to socialization directly translates into healthy and well-adjusted animals, who make a great companions. We understand, however, that just as in the human world, not everyone is right for each other, which is why we take a personalized approach to the adoption process.

Our clean, healthy, stress-free environment is where our rescue animals do more than survive; they THRIVE.


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