Since 1995, Save-a-Life Cat Adoptions (Mojave, California 93501) has been about making dreams come true — often when even a last glimmer of hope has faded. We’ve provided a place to live and caring, loving homes for fabulous animals since we rescued that first litter so many years ago.

We NEVER KILL the animals we take in. Save-A-Life (S-A-L) animals romp and play at our wonderful new sanctuary north of Los Angeles until they are adopted–no matter how long it takes.

Save-A-Life is located North of Los Angeles, on a 10 acre ranch, giving our Cats lots of room to run and play. The size of our property is one of the things that sets S-A-L apart from other organizations, providing an open, home-like atmosphere for the animals.


Harbor Humane Society (West Olive, Michigan 49460) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving the needs of animals in Ottawa County.

Fiona (Pet ID #36190276)

We could not do what we do without the support of our donors and volunteers. Please take a moment to consider how you can contribute to our cause.

Companion Animal Rescue Alliance (Greenbelt, Maryland 20768) is an animal rescue organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of animals (mainly cats and dogs) that are homeless, in danger of becoming homeless, and those that are victims of cruelty or are in danger of becoming victims of cruelty.

You may be familiar with the work that our CARA volunteers have done for local animals over the past eleven years, such fundraisers as, “Eve’s Knees”, “Mystic’s Sight”, and “Helping Halo” in addition to our routine fostering and adoption program.

Rescue Me Clifford

Rescue Me Clifford (Paris, Illinois 61944) saves dogs at high risk of euthanasia from a rural area located in east central Illinois.

We have foster families in and around Marshall and Chicago.

The Animal Haven

The mission of The Animal Haven (North Haven, Connecticut 06473) is to provide a temporary, safe, caring and humane refuge for homeless, adoptable cats and dogs, and to subsequently place these animals in quality, adoptive and permanent homes.

Butterscotch & Skittles

We advocate responsible pet ownership, follow a mandatory spay-neuter policy, prohibit euthanization of our animals, and work in our community to fight animal cruelty through education.

The Animal Haven enlists and promotes public involvement in the humane treatment of animals, and is committed to principles of justice and compassion for all animals. Since 1948, The Animal Haven has been celebrating the special friendship between people and their animal companions.

Paws Patrol

Paws Patrol (Green Valley, Arizona) began in early 2006 with a founding committee of seven qualified animal rescuers, each having at least several years of experience. All committee members had actively participated as volunteers, board members, and/or directors in other animal rescue groups.  We do not service the Tucson area.


Our vision is to compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals.

Paws of Coronado

On November 1, 2016, Paws of Coronado (Coronado, California 92118) and the City of Coronado celebrated the second anniversary of their partnership dedicated to the care of Coronado’s animals. Prior to November 1, 2014, the Coronado Police Department (CPD) provided all animal services. However, an historic move to allow the public and private sectors to each pursue what they are trained to do, and each do best, was implemented. On the invitation of the City, PAWS assumed Coronado’s animal welfare responsibilities through the operation of the Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF), located at 1395 First Street. Meanwhile, the CPD continues to provide for public safety through its in-field enforcement of our community’s animal regulations.


The animal services provided by the CPD include stray and nuisance animal pick-up, assistance for sick and injured stray animals, control of biting, vicious or threatening animals, follow up on barking dog complaints, enforcement of animal cruelty laws, confiscation of fighting animals and animals left in hot cars, and lost/found assistance. For these services, one should call the Coronado Police Department at 619-522-7350 at any time of the day or night, 24/7.

Animals picked up in the field by the police are transported to the Coronado Animal Care Facility where a full time paid staff receives them, tries to locate their owners and provides for their safe shelter and care. The CACF also provides lost/found assistance, licensing, a yearly rabies vaccination clinic and microchipping.

The purpose of Catalina Island Humane Society (Avalon, California 90704) is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, and the extension of humane education.

Bring a loving animal into your home from CIHS. Our humane society cares for stray and feral cats in our community. We are a no-kill shelter that is dedicated to providing happiness to families and their future pets.

The volunteers of PALS Animal Life Savers (Danvers, Massachusetts 01923) hold as our foundation the health and welfare of our animals. We are committed to promoting high standards of quality animal care through proper medical treatment, nutrition, exercise, socialization and placement. PALS Animal Life Savers strives to maintain these standards by providing assistance, educational material and/or training for our volunteers and adopters.

PALS Animal Life Savers is a 501(3)(c) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter staffed exclusively by volunteers dedicated to helping homeless cats and kittens find suitable, loving homes. We are fully funded by donations, adoption fees, and organized fundraisers.

PALS Animal Life Savers will, as a no-kill animal shelter, adopt the policies set forth in the No-Kill Declaration published by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Click here to read the declaration in its entirety.

All of our volunteers want to find appropriate homes for the lost, stray, abandoned, abused or surrendered felines that are rescued by PALS. Our animals are currently being housed at the PALS Adoption Center inside the PetSmart store in Salem, MA.

Leavenworth County Humane Society (Basehor, Kansas 66007) was originally founded in 1888 as the Leavenworth Humane Society; the word “County” was added in 1950.

The original mission was to “prevent and punish cruelty to children and animals, and improve enforcement of the laws relating thereto.”  Those objectives remain today.

LCHS, Inc. works with human services agencies in Leavenworth County, because where animals suffer, people are at risk, and where people suffer, animals are at risk.